First Residents Return to Fifty Oaks Apartments

Step Forward Communities finished the rebuild from Hurricane Harvey in December.  Residents started returning at the end of the month.  Every building except the office had significant damage.  Thanks to Day Builders for the great work getting the units on-line and in great condition.

All units were fully re-occupied by April this year.  We are very happy to have our residents back.

SFC In The News

A 51-year-old man, bound to a wheelchair and living on a fixed income, sat in the basement of his apartment complex in Rockport, Texas, as the roof and other portions had just been ravaged by Hurricane Harvey on Aug. 26.

The complex is owned by Step Forward Communities, a nonprofit based in San Clemente that helps rehabilitate rundown complexes. It had just been renovated to the tune of $2 million in June. Most of the complex’s roof had been destroyed and it is not habitable at this time. Most of the residents, including the man bound to a wheelchair, are in shelters, in other cities or with family members.

Social Services

Step Forward Communities provides social services to our residents as well as to other affordable housing developers.  We are committed to provide quality, relevant programs to residents to help them get a "step Forward" in life.