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Social Services Goal:


Reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of underserved populations in our Apartment Communities by integrating social service programs that meet the needs of our tenants,  through education, health services and social connections , all while providing safe and affordable residences.



Services provided are based on population need.  Assessing local needs requires using demographic analysis, interviews, public forums, surveys, and community asset mapping.  Once needs and resources are established, Step Forward Communities works with local non-profits, community leaders, religious organizations, volunteers and other organizations to offer direct services to meet the identified needs.  Once a program is in place, continual evaluation of the program’s impact will be conducted to ensure the identified need is being successfully met. 

Mission Statement:

Transform resident’s lives by partnering with ethical, high quality and motivated companies to serve communities which need affordable housing and social services for low income families, seniors and veterans.

Core Values:
1. Integrity
2. Excellence
3. Commitment


Step Forward Communities has identified 5 target areas to encourage residents’ personal and professional growth:


1.  Social Services connection

Leverage ongoing programs provided by government, community, religious and other local non-profit services to provide an all encompassing holistic set of programs for residents.


2.  Adult Education

Provide adult education to promote healthy living, financial responsibility, computer skills, job success, and academic growth.


3.  Health Care

Ensure access to quality care for general, dental, and mental health services.


4.  Childhood Development

Promote positive childhood development and academic success.


5.  Senior Programs

Coordinate care programs for independent living, social connections, health, and educational services for seniors.

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